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Gail Industries designs and manufacturers one of the leading triplex hight-pressure plunger pumps in the industry. These pumps are technically superior to most of the pumps offered in the marketplace today. Gail pumps have been in use since 1971 in literally thousands of industrial and name brand commmerical locations.

Since 1990 we have designed and maufactured pumps from 1/4 Horsepower to 1,300 HP. Most units range from 10 HP to 300 HP.

Gail serves a wide variety of markets and industries including:

  • Water, Oil, and Chemical Based Fluid Transfer
  • High Pressure Liquid Cutting
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Filtration and Desalinization
  • Industrial Cleaning and Car Wash


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10 Million Barrels

One of the main features of a Gail Pumps is the Rollerbearing Crankcase. Click here for more information.

Black Oil Company in Monticello, Utah has been using a gail pump for 30 years. They say "it's the best pump in the industry" .


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